GMH is open to all countries worldwide.

However, new members seeking to join Genuine Mutual Help (GMH) MUST first join Genuine Mutual Cycler (GMH).

 Minimum donation is $20 and maximum is $10,000

NOTE: This is helping concept. participate responsibly!

 GMH uses Bitcoin, Perfect Money, MTN Mobile Money (Ghanaians Only) and Skrill (Upon request)

 Re-commitment is a rule in place to protect our entire community from hit and run players (Businessmen).

This rule requires that before a member is allowed to get help (GH) from the community, He need to make another PH to prove he/she is not abadoning our community after getting help.

However, Re-commitment should be 20% or more of the previous amount provided. Remember, re-commitment also earns 50% growth in 30days. It is not a fee, it is a new PH.

 No. All PH earn growth for 30days only. After PH is matured, members have 5 days to create GH and PH.

failure to do this means member's account will be timed out and suspended

 There is a fixed 5% direct referral commsission on all PH and re-commitments of your personally referred members.

Remember they MUST join Genuine Mutual Cycler first

 All Get Help requests take up to 48 hours to get paid

 Members can provide help as many times as they wish. However, all PH will be treated separately with their individual maturity dates.

Please Note, this is a helping concept, participate responsibly. Do NOT participate with funds you cannot afford to lose.