Governing Rules

In any human institution, there is a need for rules to be laid down to ensure orderliness and avoid lawlessness.

Genuine Mutual Help as a community is governed by the following rules will be enforced ALWAYS to protect our integrity and to ensure that our members are protected from lawless elements that may troop in.
Members are advised to read and equip themselves with these rules so they do not fall short in terms of our operations.


1. Before signing up, new applicants MUST ensure they are registered and upgraded member of our cycling program, Genuine Mutual Cycler. visit to sign up and upgrade.

2. After signing up, new member needs to wait for admin's approval of his membership request before providing help.

3. After admin's approval, new member would be timed up to 5 days (120 hours) to create a PH. Failure to do so will result in suspension of member's new account. 


1. Minimum PH allowed is $20 and maximum $10,000

2. PH requests will be matched instantly in full. Members pay the exact amount the system displays. Bitcoin users must copy and pay the exact btc value stated by the system. Anything less than will not be credited to the member.

3. All PH earn growth for 30 days only. after the 30th day, member is required to create a Get Help request and pay the amount of re-commitment the system requires. 

4. Members can create multiple PH requests in a month. However, each PH will require its own recommitment before GH.

5. Inactivty in an account for more than 30 plus 5days will will render that account dormant. account will be closed and all balances will be wiped out


1. Before any GH request can be matched, there is a need for re-commitment of 20% of GH amount. System will calculate that for members when they submit GH requests. failure to pay this within 2 days of submitting a GH request will lead to declining GH request and account frozen.
2.Amount of GH request at a time cannot be more than two times (x2) of PH created. Eg, a PH of of $100 can only be allowed to GH $200 maximum at ago. Any Gh request that is more than the maximum limit will be ignored in the system.

3. GH intervals allowed per account is a minimum of 7 days.